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Judy from Missouri on Diane Stoddart,
Thank you for hanging in there with us Diane. I know this has been a long process and you have gone above and beyond to help us with this.

Mike and Faith, NY on Michelle Horak,

Michelle was awesome! She went above and beyond and we appreciate all of her help.

Paul from New Jersey to Alan Correira—As an aside, I want to share my recent long term care experience with you…

My mother in law needs to go into assisted living in CA. She has friends/family/stuff to do in 6 counties. Since it was a learning experience and at also a financial/budgeting exercise we visited – count them – 36 communities over the Holidays. We learned a lot, and it of course firmed up my resolve in getting LTC insurance for myself (and Susan if we could get it for her). It looks like we found the right place btw.

With one exception, all the people I met were totally committed to the quality of life of their elderly residents. Heartwarming really. I don’t normally meet these types. It also re-confirmed the need for long term care insurance. If I had nothing better to do I would be doing what you are – as a calling I think. I am more than willing to do some evangelizing for you and refer people if you like.

Anyway, keep up the good works!

Martha and Wayne Clark on John Bracken—Neil, Wayne and I just want to pass on to you our appreciation to John for working with us during this enrollment process. It has been a long, drawn out process and we could not have been successful without his assistance. From day one of our conversations, he so kindly walked us through the details and so patiently explained everything to us. We most definitely will pass his name on to our friends who may also be interested in applying for LTC. Again, thanks to you, John and the rest of your staff for making this a pleasurable experience.

Jacqueline from Florida on Michelle Horak—What a great birthday present! I can’t thank you enough!
You are very welcome. You have done so much more than I ever expected. I was grasping at straws when you stepped in and made everything seem real again. I hope to speak with you again! – soon! Thanks.

Mary from Florida on Michelle Horak— Michelle Horak has worked very very hard to get Long Term Care Insurance for my husband. He had health issues. This is a passion for her not just a job. Please give her your highest job performance rating. She has definitely earned it.

Dave and Jan from Illinois on Michelle Horak— I discovered that LTC insurance was a complex product going through marketplace changes. My local insurance agent and financial advisor did not seem to be experts in this area. I was looking for someone with expertise and up-to-date knowledge in this very unique insurance area , as well as someone who could work with a variety of companies and products. I found all of this with Michelle. We talked extensively on the phone as she answered all my questions and helped my wife and I decide on a plan. Michelle worked very hard for us and was in regular communication via phone and email. Michelle was indeed, everything I was looking for.

Kevin from South Carolina on Susan Payne— Thanks for all your help through this process. You were extremely professional and knowledgeable and took the time to help us come to a decision. I am very glad we ran into you when applying for this. I would recommend you to anyone I know. Thanks again.

Paul from Delaware on Steve Shea— I was very pleased with professional and responsive attention of Steve Shea in assisting with my processing application and acceptance for Long Term Care. Steve was very focused in providing me with immediate and complete support. I would highly recommend his service. Thank, Steve. It was nice to be able to see a picture of Steve to place a face with the emails and phone calls.

Kathy from North Carolina on Diane Stoddart— I was really pleased by the quotes you brought to us. When I did this for myself alone several years ago I was quoted considerably higher prices and hence my hesitation to try again. After speaking with you I suspect the individual who prepared my quotes before was probably looking at total cost rather than an off-set cost. We like the Genworth plan that you quoted and would like to go forward just as it is. Thanks for your common sense approach to selecting plans and the efforts to present them. We appreciate it.

Iris from Texas on Alan Correira— Alan assisted not only myself, but my friend Betty C. with our Long-Term Care insurance last year. He is very knowledgeable and will do good by you. I called and left a voice message for him so he will know you will be contacting him. Mutual of Omaha is the insurance carrier.

Curtis and Dedria from Kansas on Michelle Horak— Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We are ecstatic that John Hancock accepted us. We appreciate your personal interest in our situation so very much and know that we have the best sales specialist there is in you!

Charmaine from Illinois on Michelle Horak— It has been a pleasure working with Michelle. She was not pushy, knowledgeable and presented quotes very honestly and ethically. She should be considered an asset to your company.

Connie and Lee from Ohio on Michelle Horak— Michelle was a pleasure to work with. So knowledgeable, patient in exploring things and I could count on her to call us back and send things to us when she said she would. She made this process of buying long term care insurance possible for us. I felt like giving up and doing nothing when I couldn’t find a local agent. I felt uncomfortable with other agents who wanted to do an internet presentation with both of us (my husband) in attendance which was impossible because of our work schedules. Michelle was always polite and a true professional.

Bob S. from Florida on Leslie Brice and Susan Payne— Thank you for setting up the appointment with Susan Payne. She is very capable and helpful. If I don’t make this happen with her assistance, I won’t look elsewhere. She’s a credit to her profession in every way! She’ll be calling me back on Tuesday to give me her findings for my situation. I hope you have a good day today.

Bobbi R. from Florida on Diane Stoddart— Diane made my expeience getting long term care insurance so pleasant and so easy. By nature she is easy to be with, caring and helpful. In addition, her ability to let you know what to expect all along the way was what made it even more comfortable. She is professional, experienced and knowledgable. I would recommend her to everyone I know.

George and Judy from Minnesota on Diane Stoddart— Judy and I would like to thank you for your help in our quest to get LTC insurance. Everything you told us worked out just as you said it would. We have reviewed the policies and everything looks as you said it would. It has been a pleasure working with you on this and the cost of the policies you got us was way less than other companies. The quote from our local AARP representative was about $2500.00 more than what you negotiated for the same coverage from Mutual of Omaha. We will certainly recommend you to anyone we come across looking for insurance.

Donnie from Tennessee on Michelle Horak— My entire career (now retired) has always included some form of sales or sales management, and most recently president and C.E.O. of a computer software company. I have worked with hundreds of sales people and I can honestly say none were more professional, knowledgeable or patient than Michelle Horak. I contacted four agents to help me search for the best long term health care product for my wife and me. If I had it to do over I would have started and ended with Michelle.

Margaret from New York on Susan Payne— I’ve signed the papers and enclosed a check which was mailed today. Thanks you so much for your help – it was invaluable.

CR of Vermont on Susan Payne— THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I sincerely appreciated the call this morning, and extend abundant thanks to you for your experienced crusade on my behalf!

Laurie from Virginia on John Brackin— Got your phone message late in the day today. I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for me over the past 6-8 months. It’s been quite a journey but yes, WE did it and I am so grateful for your patience and perseverance. You are a good LTC Agent!!! Let me know if there is anything else you need form me. I am aware that Jeff is not accepted yet and will anxiously await the decision Genworth must make on him. I am just so glad that I have “passed the test” so to speak and I will be able to care for myself, if I so need to, in my older age. I only wish that this was available to everyone, as I know there are plenty that are truly destitute and probably need this type of care much more than I do. If you would like a recommendation or a note of commendation, just say the word. Again, please let me know if I need to do anything else at this time in regards to this policy. I wish you luck and friendship in the years ahead. Hope to keep in touch.

Karen from South Carolina on Michelle Horak— She is an exceptional agent that always had my best interest in focus and repesented my case to the underwriters in a fair and expedient manner. She is honest, competent and very positive. I would highly recommend her to all my family and friends that express a need for LTC Insurance. Thank You.

Maureen from Utah on Diane Stoddart— I just want to say thank you so much for your help in getting our Long Term Care policies. I would love to be able to send a note to your boss to let them know how great it was working with you. It is extremely difficult to understand all the intricacies involved with LTC insurance and you made everything so easy – even thousands of miles away! I would recommend you and your company to anyone that I know of looking for this kind of insurance. I really felt as though you were looking out for the best interests of me as well as your company and you were thoroughly professional. I enjoyed all of our conversations.

Rick and Ellen’s from Tennessee on Michelle Horak— It’s been great working with you and I appreciate all you have done.

Paul from Florida on Susan Payne— I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort you took in getting this process completed. I enjoyed working with you and even though you might not hear it from everyone you help, I really do appreciate the work you did. I will be happy to recommend your service and company for anyone thinking about getting a long term care insurance package.

Brandy from Massachusetts on Susan Payne— Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working with Susan Payne on setting up a long-term care policy. I can’t say enough good things about Susan. She has been patient and thorough throughout the process of selecting a policy. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, Susan has kept in contact with me throughout the process, following through by sending me updates and information in a more than timely manner. As you can imagine, it is a joy not to have to chase down information or paperwork, as Susan anticipates items that may be an issue, and lets me know where we are as soon as she has the information. I very much enjoy working with her. I doubt that I would have gone through the process as easily — or have even continued with all the forms, etc., without her good will and cheer.

Sue from Florida on Diane Stoddart— Long Term Care claims can be difficult to understand, and Diane has been here all the way through to ensure that claims continue to be paid. We understand the coverage we have and how it will protect us and our assets because Diane continues to guide us and answer our questions along this difficult path. In 2003, when Diane promised to be here when needs arise, I didn’t regard the importance of that statement. Today, she is still here as she promised, and she helps keep my head from spinning through this mess.

Donelle from Florida on John Brackin— Hello John, thanks for the e-mails and you are welcome regarding the Mr. D. referral. I felt extremely confident recommending him to you because of your high level of professionalism and your prompt and excellent service. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

Nancy from Kentucky on Diane Stoddart— You have been WONDERFUL during this process. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to do business with. You have been so helpful answering my questions and guiding me through this process.

Evelyn from Alabama on Alan Correira— Thanks so much for the wealth of information. I will review and prepare to discuss on Tuesday. Most importantly, thanks for your time and thoroughness. The discussion certainly provided a more in-depth knowledge of LTC to assist me in making a good and appropriate decision. You also indicated that you are available after choice. That is a blessing.

Mary from California on Michelle Horak— Hi Michelle, We got your message late last night, thank you so much! That is a relief, thank you for your patience and helping us along the way! We will be waiting for the policy, have a great weekend. You are so good at your job!

Jack and Jane from Florida on Susan Payne— Thank you for your very professional assistance. We are very happy with our LTC policies and the accurate guidance you provided.

Michael and Sally from Texas on Amy Long— Thanks Amy, for all your help.

Alexander and Ann from North Carolina on Alan Correira— Alan’s service through this complex transaction and diverse choices was most helpful. Thanks!

Lynn from Colorado on Michelle Horak— I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to work with you! You have given me all the information anyone could want, answered all my questions, been patient and understanding with me (not condescending like someone we know). Thank you so much for making this a pleasurable experience, not a stressful one.

William from Arkansas on Cathy Brown— Cathy was a very pleasant and professional business agent

Marvin and Claire from Georgia on Brian Harris— We enjoyed working with Brian Harris, he was always responsive, courteous and knowledgeable.

Jane and Robert from Ohio on Alan Correira— Knowledgeable, efficient

John and Kathi from Colorado on Michelle Horak— Michelle was very knowledgeable of the products she works with and willing to talk with us when we could be available. She made good suggestions during the process. She was thorough in helping us understand what we were considering.

Linda from Massachusetts on Susan Payne— I live in Massachusetts, so I would not have expected to be working closely with an agent from Florida. I was referred to Susan as a result of filling out some information online, when I first began looking into Long Term Care Insurance. I had no idea at the time what an incredible resource she was to be to me.

Iris from Texas on Alan Correira— Alan is great-very patient and explains everything!

Steve and Toni from California on Brian Harris— Thanks for your professionalism in this manner. I had been talking to someone else prior to your contact but was so frustrated. He insisted on face to face meetings, and was highly offended that my husband had no time to meet him. You have been thorough but not redundant, and knew when I “got it and didn’t.

Robyn from New York on Cathy Brown— Thanks to your efforts, I can feel more secure about my future!

Linda from Illinois on Michelle Horak— Thank you for all your help in explaining everything to me, it also has been a pleasure working with you. If I can convince anyone else (my sister and her husband) this is what they need to do, I will certainly give them your number..Thank you again.