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Understanding the latest data and trends in the cost of long-term care (LTC) services is an important aspect of long-term care planning for consumers and LTC insurance professionals. John Hancock’s 2013 Cost of Care Survey can help individuals plan for a possible future long-term care event by providing them with the potential costs. The information found in this report is intended to help inform the LTC insurance purchase decision, as well as give insight into appropriate policy design. Read this survey to learn more about the following topics:

✔  Key findings– National average costs for long-term care services– Trends in the cost of care
✔  General observations
✔  How to use this information
✔  Methodology
✔  Sample long-term care costs across the country

To find the average cost of care in a city near you, or where you may plan to live in the future, please visit www.ltcfinsol.com/free-quote/

Click Here to Read the 2013 Cost of Care Survey Findings.

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